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Michiana Amateur Radio Club!

MARC serves the Michiana area near South Bend, Mishawaka, and Granger in Northern Indiana and Niles and Edwardsburg in Southern Michigan.

Club meetings and events are open to all comers, regardless of membership status.

Upcoming Events

  • The next social meeting will be at 7 PM on January 27, 2017 at the WNIT building in downtown South Bend.

    The meeting will be a show-and-tell. Please share with other club members what has been your latest project, what has been the last equipment you got, the latest piece of tech knowledge you learnt, etc. A show-and-tell could be as short as one minute! Bringing equipment is not mandatory, although encouraged when possible.

    Social meetings are open to all public in general. Please join us!

  • The next board meeting will be February 1, 2017 at the Francis Branch of the St. Joseph County Public Library at 6:30 PM. New board positions will be elected.

    Board meetings are open to all MARC members.

  • There will be a license exam session at the WNIT building in downtown South Bend on Saturday January 21, 2017 from 10:00am to noon. Multiple-choice exams for entry level Technician class license, intermediate General class license, and advanced Extra class license are offered. Proficiency in Morse Code is no longer required.

    Contact Richard Miller, KY9M at 574-259-5325 ky9m1@comcast.net if you are interested or need more information. Walk-ins welcomed. A $14.00 test fee is required.

  • News

    2016-12-14 New club officers have been elected Keith Wishmeier will serve as president, Carol Leedy as vicepresident, Pete Shaw as comptroller, Ray Dalgliesh as treasurer, and Bob Irish as secretary. Mike and Ann Ciesiolka rotated out of the board, and we thank them for their service!

    2016-12-03 Christmas party Our annual Christmas party was held at Allies.

    2016-10-08 ARES annual drill The drill consisted of tracking the transport of patients from emergency sites to hospitals.

    2016-10-08 ARES meeting We had a presentation from John McMillen and Kerry Hershberger, the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) coordinators for St. Joseph County. They explained on the county's emergency organizational structure and gave examples on which the ARES team may be activated to support emergency communications.

    2016-09-20 St. Joseph Medical Center 70cm band testing Members of RACES tested the communications capabilities within the hospital, using the both the hospital radio base station and hand-helds.

    2016-09-03 Tracking patients During the ARES meeting, Lynne Palmer KC9GUC went over the procedure to track the transport of patients from the event site to a hospital/shelter.

    2016-08-31 Repeaters down drill During the RACES/ARES weekly 2-meters net, net control Carol AC9KF launched a surprise drill with the scenario that all the local repeaters were down. Net participants tried to contact each other on 146.52 simplex. The drill provided a good measure of the current simplex range of the radio amateurs on the net.

    2016-08-27 Only One Day The event was a success with 17 new licenced radio amateurs! Thanks to Barry Keating WD4MSM for the class preparation and delivery. Congratulations to all the new hams!

    2016-07-29 Club picnic The monthly meeting for the month of July was our club picnic!, held at Clay Township Park on Laurel Rd.

    2016-01-06 2016 Officers The Board of Directors has elected officers for 2016:

    • Bob Irish, W9RCI — President
    • Carol Leedy, AC9KF — Vice President
    • Mike Ciesiolka, KO9Q — Secretary
    • Ray Dalgliesh, KC9IHZ — Treasurer
    • Pete Shaw, KB9ZRV — Comptroller

    Club Repeater

    The W9AB repeater operates on 147.225 MHz (+). A 131.8 Hz PL is required.


    Membership is open to all amateurs and radio enthusiasts. Download a membership form here and mail it in or bring it to the next meeting to join!

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